Friday, 25 October 2013

Conquering Anxiety

A few weeks ago I met Margaret, a lovely woman who reminds me of Spadge’s mum, after desperately searching online for a hypnotherapist to help me with my uncontrollable binge eating.

Now, I’ve always been an anxious individual, but it was one of those things that only my husband and close family get to see. Externally I don’t like people to think of me as anxious, whether they do or not I don’t know, but there it is. I certainly find it difficult to listen to other people’s anxious whittling because we all have our own problems, but I digress.
Upon running me through the initial consultation, Margaret raised the issue of my anxiety, which was palpable after discussing my eating habits and other aspects of my day to day life, and asked me to take part in a quick measurement test.
I scored a whopping 43 or “severely anxious” and after discussion, decided to try some hypnotherapy to help me alleviate some of the stress.
After two weeks my anxiety level went down to 9 or “barely anxious” and my life is a lot rosier. With less stress, I am more confident, feeling brighter and eating considerably less junk. I am more positive and outgoing and when something bad happens I don’t dwell on it for days. I’m more proactive and generally like to think I’m better company to be around.
I feel like nothing can get in my way, and it was worth every single minute (of relaxation), every single penny and now I wonder how I ever managed before?!
Anxiety disorders effect so many of us and to what end? Life is so much better without it.

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