Wednesday, 22 January 2014

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Both sides of the interview table

I've been interviewed a good handful of times since leaving University, 3 have been in the past 7 months, so the process is quite fresh in my head!

Each interview has been a relatively scary experience, despite usually being described as 'casual' in the prior correspondence emails.

Regardless of location; private meeting room, a corner of a huge office or at your local Starbucks, there is that pressure of not only hiding your nerves but showing your skill-set without coming across as arrogant. I have added pressures of hiding my tattoos and my tendency to sweat heavily in the spotlight.

This week, for the first time ever, I was on the panel of interviewers and got to meet a trio of wonderful interviewees. I think it's always incredibly eye-opening to be sat the other side of the table, for a number of situations in life, but this one in particular was surprisingly nerve wracking...

You hold the key to the door that gives them access to a better life. A door that helps them financially, in confidence growth and one that builds their career. I have been on that side of the table many times and I know how equally difficult it is to demonstrate everything you know/can bring to their company, in a matter of minutes.

I always thought of the interviewer as 'the one who is holding out the key and seeing how high I will jump for it'. When in reality, it's just as difficult to decide who is the best fit from that short meeting. My whole outlook on the process has now changed and I learned I'd be horrifically bad at speed dating, haha.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

I'm engaged!

Much to my surprise on Christmas Day my other half proposed to me. I was more than a little shocked. The morning started like a normal Christmas morning, it was our puppy's first Christmas so we let him open all his presents and then we opened ours. I was expecting perfume which I got but I wasn't expecting what was underneath the perfume! He had wrapped a shoe box in christmas paper and inside was my present in a perfume gift box. I was more than happy to get my favourite perfume so I took it out of the box and underneath it said 'Will you marry me?' I cried and even he cried. In almost 6 years thats the second time I've seen him cry. There was no ring but I wasn't bothered, I was finally engaged! I got my ring a week later by the way...

So here starts the wedding planning. The average wedding costs £20,000, unless your name is Heather Louise. There is no way in hell I will be spending such a ridiculous amount on a one day celebration so my plan is to have a lovely, small wedding for as cheap as possible. My wedding has been planned on Pinterest and in my head for quite a while so all that is to do is book a venue and get creative...and the all important dress shopping. I will be DIYing a lot of things. Flowers, decor, invites, make up, jewellery & hair accessories are all on my DIY list. I am an avid reader of wedding blogs and the ones that catch my eye the most are the ones the couple have done themselves, it adds a more personal touch. My plan at the moment is a coral, mint and gold music themed wedding. I have liked this colour scheme for a while but decided to confuse myself and look at others on Pinterest and also liked the idea of midnight blue and fuchsia. Coral is pretty hard to match with there being so many shades so I'm exploring other ideas.

I will be posting more wedding related posts as I get more into it with plenty of budget wedding tips for much-less-than-£20,000-wedding and some DIY tutorials!