Sunday, 8 July 2012

Introducing: Spadge

These girls are the reason I am called Spadge, a nickname I have managed to carry through college, university, and a Masters degree without too much question. Others call me Sarah, but I prefer the reminder of the most influential years of my life with these two.

Since then I have been through many small career paths, including advertising, graphics, photography, website building, branding, a stint of self-employment doing all of the above, and have now settled with the label 'creative strategist' working in a branding consultancy.

I feel far away from my best friends, and I miss seeing them everyday like we used to. Although, impressively, every time we meet up it is as if nothing has changed, even though major things may have changed in our separate lives.

They have really nailed their introductions, Heather is the quiet, mysterious one, who only ever lets you paddle in her ocean-like mind, and Elle is the go-get-em louder one, who you know will definitely run her own business one day. I guess that leaves me somewhere in the middle? I'd like to think I bring some humour into the group, embarrassing them in public and inflicting my caffeine addiction upon them.

If we are sticking to the Sex And The City metaphor then I am probably Samantha, but don't hold that against me.

ps. Loving the word 'Fruitioned' Eleanor!

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